Sequim Balloon Festival 2013

Next summer, the second-annual Sequim Balloon Festival will host hot air balloons on Labor Day weekend 2013. Activities will include hot air balloon rides, an arts and crafts show, children's activities, a street dances with live music, and the popular “Twilight in the Olympics” balloon glow lineup of lighted balloons beside a reflecting pond.

The balloons will be taking of from Sequim Valley Airport each morning around 6:00 am, and up again from late afternoon, to take advantage of calm winds at those hours. On Saturday and Sunday nights, starting in the evening you’ll want to see the spectacular Twilight in the Olympics balloon glow. There will be a reflection pond the size of a football field for photographic beauty. Watch the balloons glow as they fill the night sky with their reflection on the quiet waters. Leading up to the balloon glow there will be street dances, live music, food court, and a wine and beer garden to enjoy.

Sequim Valley Airport (W28) is located at 468 Dorothy Hunt Lane, off Old Olympic Highway in Sequim.

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