Diamond Point, established in 1892, was a quarantine station for ships coming into the Puget Sound from outside the United States. Relics of Diamond Point's past remain, including remnants of two docks, a spray house, a utility building, a hospital, and a nurses' quarters. The hospital, the US Quarantine Station Surgeon's building, and nurses' quarters are now private residences. The US Quarantine Station Surgeon's building is listed in the 1989 National Register of Historic Places. 

Diamond Point Airport was established in August 1965, and remains the only airstrip on Miller Peninsula. Below are a sample of articles about the airport that have appeared in The Sequim Gazette, and archival photographs relating to the community.


Diamond Point Airport from the air. Color print, 1978


The Sequim Gazette, 1989


The Sequim Gazette, 1990

The Sequim Gazette, 1990


Diamond Point (photo taken in 2010)

The Sequim Gazette, 1992

The Sequim Gazette, 1992

The Sequim Gazette, 1992


The Sequim Gazette, December 1998


 Diamond Point Airport’s runway was resealed in 2012


Diamond Point Airport